This is a fun story.

TREDS has been working with independent manufacturer groups for over 10 years. Their work in the field has played a large role in launching TREDS into the concrete market!
Recently, one of our long standing reps,Bill Lantz(LCA Group) wrote a rebuttal to a story that was published about “Boots that Work”. The story was based around leather work boots, but our rep wanted to make sure the editor knew about TREDS!

This is what our rep, Bill Lantz wrote to the editor:
Hi Bill, nice article but if your talking concrete and you want boots that WORK, then there’s only ONE!!  Now I’m talking Concrete so this is an OVERBOOT to protect the boots that protect your feet. Made in the USA and Family owned and from the Heartland of this country, Cincinnati, yes Cincinnati. The attached flyer should tell you the story. We are a Rep Group covering the southwest and selling Treds, The LCA Group, and these have taken the market by storm the last 5 years. Safety directors love them. Yes one pair of the TREDS boots will easily last as long as 8 of those cheap import boots and to your liking they will fit over a EEE width foot AND no right or left for those fuzzy mornings suiting up.Check these out.  I have copied the owner on this email and his Sales Manager so if you want to know more, call me or Rob Weber or Katherine Rolley. No they did not pay me to do this but it is a product I really believe in and for safety, every concrete finisher should have these. 

Thanks for letting me rant in a good way.

Bill Lantz

SO guess what happened next:
The editor was so impressed by Bill’s email that he featured TREDS on their website! This product feature will also be in a monthly newsletter!
See article here:

Thank you Bill for your enthusiasm and commitment to TREDS! We appreciate it!