New Shoe Size: Medium/Large

Introducing treds new size: medium/large Designed to fit shoe sizes 9-10 better TREDS is excited to announce the addition of size M/L, which has been manufactured as a better fit for customers wearing size 9-10 leather work boots. If the Medium size has always been too tight, but the Large size too big, the new […]

13 steps to make sure your work place is safe!

At TREDS over-the-boots, we place a large importance on workplace safety in our manufacturing and distribution facility. I stumbled upon this article, and love how clearly it lays out 13 steps to follow. The article was specifically focused on the construction industry BUT applies to can apply to any workplace. Take a few minutes to […]

TREDS adventure at the Weftec Show!

What a blast we had at the Weftec Show in Chicago last week! TREDS has been exploring the water market, because we knew that our boots would fill a need for water and waste treatment.SO Rob Weber(president of TREDS) and his wife took off for Chicago to exhibit in one of the LARGEST water shows, […]

TREDS Free Sampling Program for our distributor customers

TREDS Free Sampling Program Distributor Customers! Did you know that you can get a free sample for any medium to large size company that isn’t currently using TREDS? This is what we know-Once a customer gets a chance to try TREDS on the jobsite, they understand the value! Typically, this is a fool proof way […]

TREDS “put to the test” in nasty water treatment chemicals…results: excellent!

TREDS put to the test in water treatment chemicals A couple months ago, TREDS over-the-shoe boots had the opportunity to exhibit at the American Water Association’s national yearly conference, ACE 17. We recently had a couple water treatment facilities start using TREDS and wanted to make sure others across the county got a chance to […]

TREDS over-the-boots featured on!

TREDS was excited to be a part of the National Hardware Show this May, at one of our favorite trade show locations, LAS VEGAS! We were part of the “Made in the USA” product sections, which made it super easy to find us on the show floor. TREDS had a great time meeting new people, […]