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Why Choose TREDS Rubber Overshoes?

TREDS Rubber Overshoes are high-quality, U.S.-made rubber overshoes that are designed with 100% natural latex rubber. Imported boots are usually made of synthetic PVC and are prone to tearing and ripping.

The unique manufacturing process of TREDS allows the rubber to stretch up to 800 percent so if the surface does get slightly punctured or snagged, it won’t continue to run and can be patched up quickly with super glue or TREDS rubber patch.

Our overboots are so light-weight and comfortable, you probably won’t realize you are wearing them! TREDS come with an easy on/off snap closure to fit to any shoe size.

Diverse, Flexible, and Made to Last

TREDS overboots are extremely diverse. Use TREDS for a variety of different needs, including:

    • Landscaping
    • Farming
    • Concrete pouring and finishing
    • Hunting
    • Gardening
    • Surveying
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Water facilities

Listen! TREDS aren’t just for certain industries and uses, they are just as practical for everyday outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, and fishing. Do you work outside during the winter? Make sure you protect yourself from slips and falls on ice/snow. TREDS Super Grit traction overboots offer additional attraction when working outside in snow and ice. Do you work in a manufacturing setting? We also offer a steel toe visitor shoe which is ideal for temporary protection for guests visiting manufacturing plants.

Product Range

Our line includes:

  • TREDS 17” overboots/slushboots
  • Steel toe work half-loafers
  • TREDS 6” rubber overshoes
  • TREDS 12” overboots
  • Steel toe safety shoe covers
  • 17” super grit
  • 12” super grit
  • 6” super grit

TREDS are your solution!

Are you tired of replacing your overboots every time they tear out on you? Do your boots cause you to feel uncomfortable and do your feet feel heavy during your workday? Are you looking for USA made, better quality products? TREDS are your solution! Buy a pair of TREDS today that will outlast PVC boots 8 to 1. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help!

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