treds overboots

TREDS Rubber Footwear is a family owned and run rubber overboot manufacturer. Rob Weber, the founder of TREDS Rubber Footwear realized that there was a need on the market for tougher, stronger, and more flexible overboots that would not tear, would be easy to get on and off, and would be comfortable. The imported brands were just too heavy and prone to puncturing and tearing.

In 1992, Rob created TREDS Rubber Footwear with one key purpose: to bring better quality, more versatile overboots to hard working men and women. Rob quickly set out to reinvent the old-fashioned rubber galoshes to create a U.S.-made superior performance overboot.

Where It All Began

TREDS comes from humble beginnings, having started out in a home garage in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Rob and his family would sell their products to local mom and pop farm stores, most of which continue to carry TREDS today.

However, TREDS is now distributed in hundreds of independent hardware, farm, contractor supply, and workwear stores across the country.

High-Quality, Superior Overboots

TREDS continues to work towards delivering a product that will not tear or rip out. We also ensure that our products are a comfortable fit and light-weight. Best of all, TREDS are proudly manufactured in the United States.