TREDS 6” Overshoes

  • 6-Inch premium quality rubber overshoe
  • Reinforced heel and block-tread pattern sole provides additional traction
  • One-piece molded design is not right/left foot specific
  • Almost impossible to puncture or tear
  • Made in the USA



Sizing Chart

Boot SizeFits Men’s shoe:Heel-Toe Toe Length* (in inches)
X-SMALL4-5.5Between 10.125 to 10.625
SMALL6-7Between 10.625 to 11.125
MEDIUM7.5-8.5Between 11.125 to 11.75
Medium/Large(M/L)9-10Between 11.75 to 12.25
Large10.5-11.5Between 12.25 to 12.875
Large/X-Large(L/XL)12-13Between 12.875 to 13.5
X-LARGE14-16Between 13.5 to 14.25
*Based on leather work boot size, not TREDS boot. This is based on a more snug fit. If you prefer TREDS loose, please consider adding 1/4 inch to the heel to toe length measurement of your work boot to find the correct TREDS size.

4 reviews for TREDS 6” Overshoes

  1. Monica Love

    5.0 out of 5 starsLandscaper Boyfriend Gives His Approval
    November 2, 2015
    Size: Large/X-Large (13-14)Unit Count: 1 Verified Purchase
    Fit my boyfriend’s foot just fine and he said these TREDS are way better than his old pairs of overshoes. He’s a landscaper and has to work in the rain quite a bit. I ordered a pair for him and his work friend and the sizes were both spot on, which I was worried about. The snaps are very sturdy too. Great product!

  2. Lucas Daniel Smith 

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    TREDS rubber overshoes are tremendously effective & thoroughly prevent damage to leather boots while sandblasting
    on September 7, 2016
    Size: Large (11-12)Unit Count: 1 Verified Purchase
    Excellent and very effective rubber overshoes. The person that I bought these TREDS overshoes for has informed me that he wears them about 6 days per week and that during most of those days he is sandblasting. The sandblasting is conducted in and on large structures (which includes steel walls and floors) and sandblasting in these types of environments will destroy a pair of boots in just a short number of weeks.

    Evidently these rubber TREDS overshoes are tremendously effective and thoroughly prevent his leathers boots from being damaged at work.

  3. J. W. Aldridge II

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    These are easy to put on and take off
    on July 26, 2016
    Size: Large/X-Large (13-14)Unit Count: 1 Verified Purchase
    I bought several other brands of “muck” boots before these. The others were either hard to get on & off, snagged & ripped, or both. These are easy to put on and take off, very strechy. I have worn them over boots and tennis shoes both. And to top it all, they cost less than the other brands of boots.

  4. B. Wiers

    I use these hiking. I have found it nearly impossible to get hiking boots that stay waterproof — usually the waterproof membrane cracks over time with repeated flexing of the foot during natural walking motion. This has included $300 boots. These make a cheap, effective solution. I put them in my pack, wear whatever shoe I want, and if it rains (which is rare), on go the over shoes in about 30 seconds. They weigh about a pound. They fold to fit in a pack. The height is ideal to allow flexing of the ankle while walking yet be high enough to keep out groundwater. They fit under my waterproof pants.

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