knee high rubber work boots

17” Super Grit(Traction Overboots)

  • Aluminum oxide grit sole bars provide additional traction for slippery conditions
  • Lasts 6 to 8 time longer than synthetic rubber or PVC overboots
  • Almost impossible to puncture or tear; If damaged, tear won't 'run'
  • One-piece molded design is not right/left foot specific
  • Made in the USA


Super Grit Traction Overboots will give you the extra traction needed during the winter on ice and snow. Buy a pair and discover why 1000’s of railroad transit authority employees wear the traction overboots throughout the winter.

Super Grit Traction Overboots are the world’s only over-the-shoe traction boots made of nature’s strongest elastic material; latex natural rubber.

Lasting six to eight times longer than synthetic rubber or plastic boots, the unique proprietary process combining superior raw materials and innovative design produces the most durable, comfortable and economical over-the-shoe boot available. Super Grit Rubber Boots deliver 4000 lbs. of tensile strength, 210 lbs. per inch of ‘trouser tear’ strength and can stretch up to 800 percent making them almost impervious to tears. If the Super Grit boots do get a small puncture, they can be easily patched using super glue.

Made in the USA, Advantage Products Corporation manufactures rubber and safety footwear to meet many needs. Serving Construction, Agriculture, JanSan and Industrial-Safety since 1992.


Sizing Chart

Boot SizeFits Men’s shoe:Heel-Toe Toe Length* (in inches)
*Based on leather work boot size, not TREDS boot
X-SMALL3-4between 9 ¾  & 10 ¼
SMALL5-7between 10 ¼ & 10 ¾
MEDIUM8-10between 10 ¾ & 11 ½
LARGE11-12between 11 ½ & 12 ½
LARGE/X-LARGE13-14between 12 ½ & 13 ¼
X-LARGE15-16between 13 ¼ & 14
XX-LARGE17-19between 14 & 15
Weight lbs

X-Small (3-4), Small (5-7), Medium (8-10), Large (11-12), Large/X-Large (13-14), X-Large (15-16), XX-Large (17-19)


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