TREDS put to the test in water treatment chemicals

A couple months ago, TREDS over-the-shoe boots had the opportunity to exhibit at the American Water Association’s national yearly conference, ACE 17. We recently had a couple water treatment facilities start using TREDS and wanted to make sure others across the county got a chance to try them and test them in their facilities! We had a couple counties ask for specific information on how TREDS hold up against popular chemicals that are used daily in their environments. WE knew from our current customers that they “passed the test” but needed to be able to share scientific findings with them.

Sooo TREDS boots and a few main chemicals (NaOH – sodium hydroxide solution at 50% concentration by weight,FeCl3- iron (III) chloride solution at 45% concentration by weight, NaOCl – sodium hypochlorite solution at 14.5% concentration by weight) got shipped to Element Materials Technology, in Wisconsin, for immersion testing(8 hours and 24 hours).


We’ve included the test results here:

The gist of the results was that there was very little change in the product structure after 8 hours of chemical immersion, and after 24 hours there was a slight change in product hardness from the NaOCl. We don’t see this as being an issue, because it is rare that the boots worn would be immersed for that length of time! We were really happy to see TREDS material stand up to the nasty chemicals, and are now even more confident they are a great fit for this type of environment!

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