If you are a farmer or work in the farming and agricultural industry, you know how important it is to avoid barn cross contamination as you move from barn to barn.

TREDS rubber overboots have been on the farm market since 1992 and are carried by hundreds of independent farm stores across the country as well as top wholesalers, including True Value and Southern States.

TREDS overboots are ideal for avoiding cross contamination. They are so lightweight and flexible that you can keep a different pair of overboots at each barn and quickly slip them on and off over your regular workboots.

Lightweight, Flexible, Easy-to-Use. You Won’t Even Know You’re Wearing Them!

TREDS range offers 3 heights of overboots that are perfect for farm work, depending on the type of job and coverage needed. These include:

  • 6” overboots that fit over your regular work shoe
  • 12” overboots that fit up to mid-calf
  • 17” overboots that fit up to knee height

TREDS have been designed to fit securely over your existing work shoes. To slip them on and off with ease, cover your work shoe with a plastic bag before pulling on your overboots. For even easier removal, apply powder inside the overboot before putting it on.

The Benefits of TREDS Overboots for the Agricultural Industry

  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Lightweight and easy to swop and change during the day as you move around the farm
  • Different heights depending on the environment you are working in

About Our Overboots

TREDS rubber overboots are manufactured with 100% latex rubber. Unlike the imported synthetic overboots, our boots are designed to be lightweight yet tough-almost impossible to rip or tear.

If your overboots do get slightly teared or punctured, they are simple to patch up; just use super glue, TREDS rubber patch or a tire patch.

The overboots are one-piece, unlined, and molded to fit both feet, so there is no left/right foot distinction. The overboots feature a snap closure for easy on and off operation. Our overboots fit so snuggly, you won’t even realize you are wearing them!

Contact Us

If you are in the farming industry and interested in sampling TREDS overboots, please contact our sales team at 513-489-0363 or sales@treds.com today.