Do you want boots that are lightweight, convenient, and made specifically to fit right over your shoes snuggly? Try TREDS outdoor overboots! Our boots are ideal for:

  • Rain and snow – they are easy to get on and off and can be kept in the garage to throw on over your regular shoes when you need coverage and traction on icy, wet concrete. They are designed to last a long time and not tear or rip.
  • Hiking – our overboots are lightweight and designed to fit tightly over your hiking boots, making them less cumbersome than traditional imported PVC varieties. TREDS offer good coverage from mud and other slippery conditions and can be worn over your regular hiking boots. Just roll them up and take them along on your hike for when you need them.
  • Landscaping – the 6” TREDS overboots will not tear like cheap plastic overboots and provide higher coverage when mulching or for golf course maintenance.
  • Hunting – TREDS will not hold the scent and can be worn to the hunting stand and effortlessly removed.
  • Transit Authorities/Railroad Transit – TREDS are ideal during the winter months when you need extra traction on snow and ice. Our super grit boots boast aluminum oxide grit bars on the sole which offer the ideal amount of traction.

About TREDS Outdoor Overboots

Our TREDS, made in the USA, 100% latex rubber overboots are perfect for outdoor conditions. Whether you are hiking, fishing, walking through rain and snow or anything else that requires traction, our reinforced heel and block-thread pattern will make sure you keep your balance. The one-piece molded design does not distinguish between right/left foot and the material is almost impossible to tear or puncture. If your overboot is punctured, just patch it up with TREDS rubber patches or super glue. Our overboots come in the following sizes:

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large/X-Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large

Why 6” Overshoes?

TREDS 6” rubber overshoes have been manufactured to the same standards as our 12” and 17” models, but offer a low-cut design that comes up just over your ankle. This means your feet are dry and protected when walking through slush, mud, rain, and snow. The TREDS feature a snap closure and are easy to pull on and off. For even easier on and off, place a plastic packet over your regular shoe before putting on your TREDS!

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