Are you in an environment where you need temporary steel toe protection? Whether you work in a plant, visit plants, or work in a warehouse you want steel toe overshoes that:

  • Are easy to store and easy to make available for plant visitors to wear when they visit your plant
  • Are low cost and provide temporary overshoe steel toe protection in the warehouse environment
  • Come with different options, including steel toe half loafers for leather work boots and tennis shoes and steel toe visitor shoe covers for dress shoes
  • Are quieter to “clappers” that are typically worn for temporary steel toe protection

TREDS Steel Toe Over Shoes Offer All That and More

TREDS offer both steel toe half loafers for temporary steel toe protection during site visits and steel toe visitor shoe covers for temporary protection needed during guest visits to manufacturing plants. All our products are made with stretch rubber designed to withstand tears and rips.

Steel Toe Half-Loafers

Our half-loafers are lightweight and flexible, and designed to fit snuggly over tennis shoes and work boots. Roll them up and keep them on you as you go about your daily activities and effortlessly slip them on and off when you need added toe and foot protection.

The low-cut loafers come with an adjustable rubber strap and are quick and easy to pull on and off. The steel toe cap is bonded to the inside of the overshoe and the cover is color-coded for easy size identification.

Steel Toe Safety Shoe Covers

Like the half-loafers, our steel toe shoe covers are made with stretch rubber and a steel toe for protection from accidental stubbing and crushing. They are ideal to keep on hand at your plant for employees and visitors and are mainly designed to fit over men’s dress shoes.

TREDS shoe covers are used by major companies across the USA as a standard safety feature in plants. They are ideal for visitors who require temporary toe protection and they provide additional traction in slippery environments.

Want to Know More?

All our products are designed to last 6 to 8 times longer than their imported plastic counterparts and our lightweight, flexible, and effortless to put on and take off.

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