Are you tired of the standard yellow PVC imported boots at your water facility that never seem to go the distance? TREDS 17” Slush Boots are the perfect alternative!

The Benefits of TREDS Slush Boots at Water Facilities/Water Treatment Plants

Our slush boots are:

  • Lightweight
  • Designed to fit tightly over your regular leather work boots
  • Will not rip and tear like imported yellow boots most water facilities use
  • Designed to last 6 – 8 times longer than imported PVC boots
  • Sizes are designed to fit 99% of workers
  • Manufactured to protect against chemical exposure of Ferric Chloride 45% or less, Lime Slurry, Sodium Hydroxide 50% or less and Lime Sludge
  • Will not break down from exposure to chemicals

TREDS Have Been Put to the Test

The City of Fremont Water Treatment Plant have put our 17” Slush Boots to the test and are approved and used by approximately 12 employees. Previously, the staff at the plant wore standard yellow slush boots which failed to meet their expectations. The TREDS are used as PPE for general cleaning and hose down at the site. Chemical exposures include sediment from raw water supply, or river water, and a combination of Ferric Chloride solution 45% or less, Sodium Hydroxide solution 50% or less, Lime Slurry, and Lime Sludge.

The plant first tested our product by soaking the Slush Boots for 24 hours and then air drying them for 24 hours and repeating the process using each of the different mixtures and chemicals.

Easy On, Easy Off and Made to Last

TREDS are the most tear and puncture resistant Slush Boots on the market. They are molded from 100% natural latex rubber and designed to stretch up to 800 percent. They are easy to pull on and off and extremely comfortable. There is no left/right foot distinction and the Slush Boots will fit snuggly over your work shoes.

TREDS are designed to last 6 to 8 times longer than the yellow synthetic rubber overboots and are as much as 50% lighter.

If your TREDS to get punctured or torn, just patch them up with super glue or a TREDS rubber patch.

If you would like to sample the 17” TREDS Slush Boots, reach out to our sales team at