– Advantage Products Corporation.

We are a family owned and operated manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Makers of rubber over-the-foot and over-the-shoe protective products for the Construction, Industrial, Agricultural, Safety, JanSan, and Consumer markets.

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Overshoes & Galoshes

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      TREDS 17" Super Tough Slush Boots | Rubber Slickers

      Wear a slush boot when slopping around in concrete that is guaranteed not to "blow out" on the job! Users say TREDS last 6-8 times longer than cheap imports.

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      Waterproof Motorcycle Rain Boot

      Wear the waterproof overboot that riders approve! 12" high rubber boot pulls on easy and keeps your feet warm and dry.

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      TREDS 6" Rubber Overshoe

      A lightweight waterproof rubber overshoe that easily pulls over your shoes or work boots. Keep your shoes dry when walking in snow, slush, and puddles!

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      TREDS 12" Rubber Overshoe

      A 12" high overboot that easily pulls over your shoes or work boots and won't "blow" out.

PAWS Stripping Shoes

Steel Toe Safety Overshoes

Slip Resistant Grit Traction Boots