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Frequently Asked Questions

Over-the-Shoe Rubber Boots

How do I find my TREDS Overboot size?
How do I care for my boots?

TREDS are easy to care for. Simply spray off and dry regularly and keep
them stored in a garage, out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight
when not in use. If you do get a puncture or hole in your boots, patch
it up with a TREDS patch kit, super glue, or a standard tire patch.

Can TREDS be repaired if punctured or torn?

Totally repairable, read below for instructions. If you have additional questions, please email

For hole or puncture , recommend patching TREDS Overboots with super glue, specifically gel
type. Clean and dry thoroughly the affected area. Apply gel super glue on hole, and allow 24
hours to set.

For small tear , use a tire patch or TREDS tear patch. Clean and dry thoroughly the affected
area. Apply super glue gel to patch on the inside of TREDS Overboots. Let set for 24 hours
prior to use.

Are TREDS chemically resistant?

TREDS are designed to be resistant to specific chemicals. Please contact
our customer service team for more information at

Reselling / Stores

I’m interested in reselling TREDS at my store. How do I become a distributor?

We welcome new TREDS distributors! For information on opportunities to
resell TREDS Overboots or any of our other products, please email or visit our contact us page.

In your email, please include: Store/company name, contact name, contact phone, and the
product line interest. A sales representative will contact within 24 hours.

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