Working for you, to help get the job done.

Long lasting

Last as much as 8 times longer than imported PVC.

Light weight

Flexible, light, and a true-to-size fit over your leather work boots.

Tear resistant

Will not rip out on the job.

No left or right

TREDS can be worn on either foot and are not left or right-specific.

"I love my TREDS boots and apparently my guys do too, they are always borrowing them when concrete shows up! I used to swear by muck boots and I always hated how little support rubber boots had, not to mention they were cold as ice in the winter! My feet stay warm and comfy in my regular boots with TREDS over them, and the concrete won't destroy them like mucks. If you have trouble getting them on and off, pro tip for you... Slip plastic grocery bags over your boots before the TREDS! On and off like butter!!"
Concrete finisher


TREDS 17" boots
Wear TREDS 17" Concrete Boots when slopping around in concrete,...
Ideal for use while farming, landscaping or any outdoor work...
TREDS Polyurethane Boots. Three colors available.
The perfect boot for food processing facilities. Super Comfortable, flexible,...

Why we are different

TREDS knows that you have a job to do, and that work isn’t easy. You are working against outdoor elements of concrete, water, mud, and muck, and the last thing you want to think about is boots. You need shoe protection, but have invested in $155 Keen’s that are designed for comfort, and can’t stand the thought of having to take them off to put on the $20 PVC boots you have. They are tight, hurt your ankles, not to mention heavy.
That’s where TREDS come in. You need a tool to get the job done. Our boots are made out of 100% natural latex, which provides a flexible and comfortable fit over your leather boots. TREDS fit tight and are light weight. The material is designed to not rip out, so that if your boot does get snagged, you can focus on your job and patch it later. TREDS want to take the pain out of shoe protection, so that you can forget about it, and focus on your job.