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New! Fall/Winter 2024.

TREDS Outdoor Knee-High Rubber Overboots

Always handy for all your outdoor activities!

TREDS delivers the most compact, over-the-shoe protection available. Lightweight and flexible, TREDS roll up small to conveniently fit into a backpack, tackle bag or under a car seat. TREDS pack-n-go for any outdoor activity!

ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE, always handy for all your outdoor activities!

  • Flexible and rolls up small for compact carry.
  • Pulls on/off easily over boots and shoes.
  • No right/no left design. Simple.

ULTIMATE COMFORT, the overboot you will forget you’re wearing!

  • Lightweight and unnoticed.
  • Stretch to fit-like-a-glove over your favorite boots or shoes.
  • Flexible and comfortable, TREDS will not chafe your legs.

ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE, TREDS are made from nature’s strongest elastic material, Latex Natural Rubber.

  • 100% waterproof, molded in one piece, no seams.
  • Snap closures help prevent water intrusion.
  • Gripping tread design helps keep you on your feet in slippery conditions.
  • Almost impossible to puncture or tear!
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Will not crack or dry rot like other boots, TREDS are always ready when you need them!
  • Repairable with a rubber tire patch or TREDS Patch Kit and super glue.

Overshoe / Overboot Sizing Guide

Based on a snug fit. For looser fit, consider going up a 1/2 size or add 14" to length.

Size Snug fit over Men's Your Shoe or Boot length
XS 4-5.5 1018 to 1058"
S 6-7 1058 to 1118"
M 7.5-8.5 1118 to 1134"
M/L 9-10 1134 to 1214"
L 10.5-11.5 1234 to 1278"
L/XL 12-13 1278 to 1312"
XL 14-16 1312 to 1414"
XXL 17+ 1414+"

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