Overshoes & Galoshes

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      TREDS 17" Super Tough Slush Boots | Rubber Slickers

      from $51.75

      Wear a slush boot when slopping around in concrete that is guaranteed not to "blow out" on the job! Users say TREDS last 6-8 times longer than cheap imports.

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      Waterproof Motorcycle Rain Boot


      Wear the waterproof overboot that riders approve! 12" high rubber boot pulls on easy and keeps your feet warm and dry.

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      TREDS 6" Rubber Overshoe

      from $32.95

      A lightweight waterproof rubber overshoe that easily pulls over your shoes or work boots. Keep your shoes dry when walking in snow, slush, and puddles!

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      TREDS 12" Rubber Overshoe

      from $44.25

      A 12" high overboot that easily pulls over your shoes or work boots and won't "blow" out.

PAWS Stripping Shoes

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      Paws Black Strap-On Stripping Shoes - Best Traction


      Excellent super-stripper traction for floor strippers. Use while stripping or mopping floors. Pulls on and off easily, one-size fits all. Rinse and reuse.

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      Paws Vinyl Stripping Shoes


      Heavy duty vinyl shoecover protects your shoes while the aggressive pad helps prevent slips and falls.

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      Paws RED Stripping Shoes - Great Durability


      Spaghetti-loop material has thousands of contact points for excellent traction while stripping or mopping floors. Doesn't have the same "scuff" power as the PAWS Black, but offers great durability.

Steel Toe Safety Overshoes

Slip Resistant Grit Traction Boots