TREDS in concrete finishing
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These boots are the best for pouring concrete. They hold up very well and are very easy to repair. Size selection is key though. Made in the mighty USA also! Much better than the junk yellow over boots that are made in China. Once you go treads you never go back!

Having the right boots matter.

You want boots that help you get the job done, not add a headache. When you’re on a pour, you have to move fast, and that’s why the right concrete tools matter. You know that you need shoe protection, but boots can be such a pain point. Most overboots are heavy, lined (which makes them hot), and rip out easily. Regular over-the-foot boots are uncomfortable, rough on ankles, and also rip out easily. Know why? Because most boots are made out of PVC material, and not designed for comfort. 

That’s why we can help.
TREDS are the best light weight concrete boots for your job. 

Fit like a glove.
TREDS are designed to fit true to size over leather work boots. Don’t size up.

Last like a tool.
TREDS are pro-contractor grade, and designed to last at least 4x longer than other brands.

Protects like a hard hat.
TREDS are hard to rip or tear and can be easily patched if punctured.

TREDS math. Why it DOES make sense to invest in a pair of TREDS.